Local Rose Society Service

Throughout my 33 years of membership in the American Rose Society, I have been an active member of my local rose society, as well as other local societies in the general area in which I have lived. In recognition of my service, I have been awarded the Bronze Honor Medal by the Pasadena Rose Society, the Los Angeles Rose Society and the San Diego Rose Society.  My service to my local rose society includes :

🌺 Board Member, San Diego Rose Society (2009 – 2013)

🌺 First Vice President (Programs), San Diego Rose Society (2013)

🌺 President, San Diego Rose Society (2009- 2012)

🌺 First Vice-President/Show Chairman, Los Angeles Rose Society (1998 - 2002)

🌺 Director, Los Angeles Rose Society (1997-2002)

🌺 President, Pasadena Rose Society (1989-1990; 1996)

🌺 Director, Pasadena Rose Society (1987-1996)

🌺 Newsletter Editor, The Pasadena Rose (Pasadena Rose Society) (1987-1996)

🌺 Frequent speaker at Southern California, Arizona and Nevada rose societies.

🌺 Auctioneer at rose auctions for Pacific Rose Society, Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society,  Los Angeles Rose Society, Ventura County Rose Society,, San Fernando Valley Rose Society,  Pasadena Rose Society and Mesa-East Valley Rose Society.