Awards & Accreditations

I have been recognized and honored for my service at the National, District and local levels with many of the highest awards available. These include:

🌺 2010 American Rose Society Klima Medal – an annual award established at the express wish and consent of the late Joseph and Marion Klima of Fairfield, California to recognize the highest levels of excellence in the field of horticultural education concerning “The Rose.”

🌺 2007 American Rose Society Guy Blake Hedrick, Jr Award – an annual award given “to recognize outstanding rose exhibitors who display the highest levels of excellence, integrity, and respect for the ideals of showing roses typified by Mr. Hedrick during his long career as rosarian. It is intended as a life-lime achievement award for an exhibitor who has been a successful National, District, and local exhibitor, and also a model in sharing his/her knowledge in growing championship roses.”

(Read American Rose Article on Bob's Award)

🌺 Silver Honor Medal – Pacific Southwest District (2001). Each District of the American Rose Society may annually award the American Rose Society Silver Honor Medal to any ARS member who has permanent full-time residency in its District who, in the opinion of the District Awards Committee, has provided meritorious service to the rose and its culture, for efforts expended in support of the American Rose Society and its objectives within the District. 

🌺 Bronze Honor Medal – San Diego Rose Society (2013). Each society (chapter or affiliate), in good standing with the American Rose Society may annually award the American Rose Society Bronze Medal for Outstanding Service to one of its members for outstanding and meritorious service at the Local Society level.

🌺 Bronze Honor Medal – Los Angeles Rose Society (2000)

🌺 Bronze Honor Medal – Pasadena Rose Society (1995)

🌺 American Rose Society Master Rosarian (2005). The Master Rosarian is a Consulting Rosarian who (1) exemplifies knowledge of roses and their culture, (2) shows a strong and demonstrated willingness to share this knowledge with other rosarians and the general public, (3) provides an example of outstanding service to the local rose society and the ARS, and (4) is a model of the ethical behavior exemplified in the CR program.

🌺 American Rose Society Consulting Rosarian (1989)

🌺 Pacific Southwest District Outstanding Consulting Rosarian (2007)

🌺 American Rose Society Horticultural Judge (1997)

🌺 American Rose Society Arrangements Judge (1999)

🌺 Pacific Southwest District Outstanding Arrangements Judge (2008)

🌺 Editor, The Pasadena Rose (Pasadena Rose Society) (1987-1996) (Awards: 1994 ARS Honorable Mention; 1993 ARS Silver Medal; 1992 ARS Bronze Medal; 1989 ARS Bronze Medal).

🌺 Recipient of an extraordinary 46 American Rose Society Awards of Merit for local/district society newsletter Articles (1991 - present)