Social Media

To supplement and further publicize the work I do with Rose Exhibitors’ Forum, the quarterly publication of the American Rose Society; and Horizon Roses, I have also established and maintain a page on Facebook also called Rose Exhibitors’ Forum. There I publish photographs of winning roses at rose shows throughout the United States, plus photographs of rose shows,including international events. Also, I post, along with visitors to the site, photographs of recent rose introductions of interest to rose exhibitors.

The Facebook page of Rose Exhibitors’ Forum has 1,771 likes representing an international audience. It also carries a perfect five-star rating review, with hundreds of visitors each week. It is yet again another forum I established to promote rose shows throughout the United States, and even the world.

Also to take advantage of another social media source, and to provide real time information of interest to rose exhibitors and those interested in rose shows, I have established as personal Twitter account as @RoseshowBob  Although not yet an accomplished tweeter (assuming that is what users of Twitter may be called), it gives me yet another vehicle to promote roses. Come follow me on Twitter.