Rose Exhibitors' Forum

Since 2012, I have been  the Editor of the American Rose Society quarterly journal Rose Exhibitors' Forum. Previously I was Editor of Rose Exhibitors' Forum for nine years from 1997-2006. Of its 29 years of publication, I have been the editor for 11 of those years, And, for three years prior to that I wrote a quarterly feature titled "How to Win the ….” 

Rose Exhibitors’ Forum is a quarterly bulletin of the American Rose Society that reports results of official ARS rose shows and publishes informative articles of interest to rose exhibitors. It is currently available in full color as a member benefit  and without additional charge, in the Members Only area of the ARS website. The password to access the latest issue is found on the Departments page of the most recent issue of the American Rose magazine.

The current Spring 2015 issue consisting of 110 pages presents the annual articles on Top Exhibition Roses of 2014 and Queens of Show (2010-2014). The issue also includes a comprehensive article on Single Minifloras,. In addition, the issue announces the winner of the 2015 Hedrick Award and presents additional articles of interest to exhibitors, including the long-running column, Notes on a Show Schedule.. More information on that issue is available at

Further issues will continue to be published on a quarterly basis in each case one month following the end of the calendar quarter, specifically January 31, April 30, July 31 and October 31

I have authored more than 150 feature articles in Rose Exhibitors' Forum and have published even more articles by the the top rose exhibitors throughout the United States. These articles are a treasure-trove of information on growing and showing good roses. Yet the number of such articles that have appeared in the American Rose can be counted on the fingers of one hand. This has been because of a belief by the Editorial Advisors that the general membership is not interested in articles on exhibiting roses. At the same time, the magazine routinely runs regular articles by a small committee on "organic rose gardening", many of which simply recirculate material published before, and several of which contain misinformation on what it takes to grow good roses.

I believe we can have and should publish quality articles about showing roses in all ARS publications. My success with Rose Exhibitors' Forum shows that this is possible and as Vice President it will be my objective to encourage the Editors of the Magazine to publish select articles on the subject that might encourage less active members to consider showing their roses in our shows.