Horizon Roses

I am the National Editor of Horizon Roses, an annual compilation of comments by the nation's top rose exhibitors on the exhibition potential of the newest hybrid teas, floribundas, miniflora and miniature roses. For most exhibitors, it has long been considered the indispensible guide to buying new show roses.

My own participation as a reporter for Horizon Roses dates to 1993. In 1994, I reported ndon what would later prove to be my best mother plant for breeding, ‘Anne Morrow Lindbergh’. As an exhibition rose, I offered the comment that it had: “Beautiful sea shell blooms with classic quilled form; petalage may prove a little too light but too soon to tell.” In 1995 I was welcomed as the West Coast Regional Editor, in which capacity I served until the day came in 2006 that Dot McMahon called to tell me that Bill McMahon, the founder of the publication, could no longer carry on and asked me to become the National Editor. Adding all this together, I learn that I am now in my 22 year with Horizon Roses which, although perhaps not yet qualifying me as an old-timer, makes me at least an adult.

The 2014 Edition of Horizon Roses brings us a total of 1,691 reports, down from the 1,833 reports recorded last year. This is a decline of 10%, in large part because of the effects of the horrible winter experienced in the North and Eastern United States. Of note, reports were received on 249 varieties, compared to 310 varieties last year. This is in part because we drop roses from consideration after five years, and the number of new varieties added was considerably less than those dropped. In fact there are only 41 new varieties on which reports were received, which was the lowest number since I have been National Editor. This likely reflects again the effects of the Polar Vortex, with young plants being lost to winter and others showing not enough growth to merit comment. It also likely reflects the continuing decline in the rose industry and its introduction of varieties.

Horizon Roses is produced entirely by volunteers under my direction as National Editor and with the support of eight regional editors. The regional editors solicit and compile the comments from selected top exhibitors in their region and forward them for final compilation.

In order to accommodate the increased number of reports and the color photographs, the 2014 edition of Horizon Roses has again been published only in electronic formats and is available for purchase at $7.99. Those who desire to read it on their Kindle or Kindle App on their iPads, iPhone or other device can order it from Amazon.com here

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Profits from past editions of Horizon Roses have been donated to the American Rose Society to to meet the needs of the American Rose Center. In 2012, Horizon Roses contributed $4,211.82 designated for the purchase of a needed lawnmower at the American Rose Center.