Distinguished Rosarians Who Have Supported Me in This and Past Campaigns and Whose Loss We Mourn:

(2015:) "Wishing you success in this endeavor. The ARS is fortunate to have the opportunity to have you as the VP/President.”
 Frank Strickland. San Bernardino, California, Horticulture Judge; Master Rosarian; Rose Hybridizer, President, Inland Valley Rose Club

(2009) “Put me on your list of supporters. I'll bet it was about ten years ago when I said on the old chat subrosa that you should run for VP. Some things I will never forget.”
 Frank Benardella, Englishtown, NJ, Rose hybridizer; Past President, American Rose Society (1977-1979)

(2009) “My observations of Mr. Robert Martin, Jr. when we were both members of the American Rose Society Board of Directors is that he is astute and knowledgeable about the business and formalities of the Rose Society. His outstanding knowledge of roses and all facets of rose culture are well known through his book and other numerous writings.  He has contributed much to ARS over the years as an author, pro bono attorney, board member, and in general, every day ambassador. In my opinion, along with hundreds of other ARS members, Bob Martin would be an outstanding president.”
 Dr. Kent Campbell, Bowling Green, KY, Tenarky District Director

(2009) Earl Parsons, Collinsville, IL Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District Director

(2009) “I have known Bob Martin for several years, and have found him to be a highly intelligent, very knowledgeable regarding the issues facing ARS, and level-headed when applying that intelligence and knowledge to those decisions that must be made in the operation of our national organization. He is an excellent choice for Vice-President of ARS and has my full support.”
 Bert Wheeler, Guthrie, OK, ARS Region 7 Director

(2009) Jim Delahanty, Sherman Oaks, CA, Editor, ARS & You, Chairman, ARS Local Society Relations Committee, Consulting Rosarian

(2009) "You have our support 100%. We know that you would do a great job. No one cares about or loves roses more then you do."
 Cal Hayes, Santa Ana, CA, Past President, Orange County Rose Society, National Award Winning Exhibitor

(2009) Mitchie Moe, Federal Way, WA, Hybridizer,
 Horticulture Judge; Master Rosarian, Exhibitor

(2009) Vern Rickard, Iron Station, NC, Hybridizer, Proprietor, Exhibitor

(2009) Dick Streeper, El Cajon, California, ARS Region 9 Director; Pacific Southwest District Director; President, San Diego Rose Society; Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian, ARS Klima Medalist

(2009) "You can surely count on us friend!."
 Bill Wilke, Long Beach, CA,
 Horticulture Judge; Consulting Rosarian, National Award Winning Exhibitor

(2009) "Bob Martin is a Dedicated, Bright and Funny Guy. A Problem solver with a 20-year track record to back that up. The hardest working Rosarian I know. An easy choice for me." Eric C. Yount, Winter Park, FL, Chairman, ARS Horticultural Exhibitors Committee, National Award Winning Exhibitor

(2009) "Please be assured that I am in full support of your candidacy. You can count on my vote."
William W. Zumbar, Alliance, OH, Horticulture Judge; Consulting Rosarian