Dr. Jim Hering, Marion, Ohio, ARS President Emeritus; ARS President (1997-2000); ARS Region 4 Director (2009-2015); ARS Gold Medalist

“It is a given that I whole-heartedly support your candidacy for we need someone of your caliber to lead both our Society and our noble hobby back to its former glory and standing in the world of roses.” Dr. Tommy Cairns, Studio City, California, ARS President (2000-2003); President, World Federation of Rose Societies (2003-2006); ARS Gold Medalist; ARS Klima Medalist; ARS Blake Hedrick Award Recipient

Don Ballin, Highland Park, Illinois, ARS President (1985-1988); ARS Gold Medalist; ARS Blake Hedrick Award Recipient

“I’d be happy to be a part of your support for the election. I have a great respect for you and your background in roses and in the ARS. It would be my pleasure to enter a vote for you when the time comes.” Clif Jeter, Silver Spring, Maryland, ARS Treasurer (2000-2006); Colonial District Silver Medalist

“Bob's expertise in rose growing, and his continual demonstrated support in helping others enjoy this wonderful hobby, are the reasons I am supporting Bob for this important leadership role.” Diane Sommers, Colgate, Wisconsin, ARS Treasurer (2009-2012); North Central District Director (2006-2012); ARS Region 5 Director-elect (2015-present); Trustee, Maintenance Endowment Trust and ARS Endowment Trust; ARS Membership Chair; ARS Strategic Planning Chair; North Central District Silver Medalist