Linda Aguzin, New Iberia, Louisiana, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian

“It is so good to hear Bob is running.” Peter Alonso. San Carlos, California,
 Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian, Hybridizer

Yvonne “Bonnie” Andrew, Laguna Beach, California, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian

“Bob is exactly what our wonderful organization needs; a detail oriented professional who understands the past, but has a vision of a better tomorrow for the American Rose Society. Bob is an outstanding teacher as evidenced by his receipt of the Klima medal and his numerous Awards of Merit for excellent rose articles. He is an outstanding exhibitor who has won at the national level many times and most recently at the Spring National Rose Show in San Diego in 2014. He has been recognized as a recipient of the Hedrick award for lifetime achievement in rose exhibiting and will bring those same skills to benefit the ARS and its members. He is a tireless worker, has an analytical mind, the ability to bring diverse interests together to work for the benefit of the group, but more important is the fact that the ARS needs Bob Martin. If we as an organization are ever going to infuse new life into our current status, Bob Martin is the one candidate who has the ability, experience and desire necessary to make this happen. This is why I endorse Bob Martin for ARS VP.” Richard J. Anthony, Brighton, Tennessee, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian; National Award Winning Exhibitor, Rose Dealer, For Love of Roses, LLC

“You have my vote...and we know the difference a vote can make!” John Bagnasco, Fallbrook, California, Consulting Rosarian; Hybridizer; Radio Show Host; Rose Preservationist

“It would be an honor to support you!” Monica Baro, Rancho Cucamonga, California

Wanda Bass, El Cajon, California

Jim Beardsley, Maplewood, Minnesota, Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian; North Central District Silver Medalist

Richard Bennett, Frederick, Maryland

Susan Bennett, Granite Bay, California, Consulting Rosarian

“You definitely have our vote. You have done so much to educate and inform rose growers and exhibitors. We would not have been as successful in our first two years without all the great information you provide. You have encouraged our passion for roses.” Carrie & Joe Bergs, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bill Blevins, Manassas, Virginia, Horticultural Judge; Colonial District Silver Medalist

Dr. Suni & Rafiq Bolar, Piscataway, New Jersey, Consulting Rosarians; Hybridizers, National Award Winning Exhibitors

“Add me to the list forthwith.” Thomas Bonfigli, Sebastopol, California, , Horticultural Judge, Past NCNH District Chairman of Judges; Master Rosarian; National Award Winning Exhibitor; NCNH District Silver Medalist

“I'm happy to support you in this endeavor!” Ken Borrmann, Warminster, Pennsylvania, National Award Winning Exhibitor

“I am wearing my Bob pin! Thinking positive thoughts about your run.” Brenna Bosch, Brighton, Tennessee

“We wholeheartedly support Bob for ARS Vice President. We knew him when he lived in Arizona, visited his garden, and were always excited to hear him speaking about roses. He had so much information to share and was helpful to all in the community.” Robert & Allison Bowns, Litchfield Park, Arizona, Consulting Rosarians; Board Member, Rose Society of Glendale

“Hopefully, we can get it done this time.” Edgar A Bradley, Universal City, Texas, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian; South Central District Silver Medalist

“You have my vote.” Wade Brown, Arkoma, Oklahoma, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian

Claire Campbell, Bowling Green, KY, Past Tenarky Webmistress; Tenarky District Silver Medalist

“Bob has tirelessly promoted the rose through growing, exhibiting, judging, writing, hybridizing and talking about the rose (whether one on one or to a group of 100). He has helped me and many others on our rose journey. I cannot think of anyone better qualified to lead the American Rose Society” Stacey Catron, Eatontown, New Jersey, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian

Cynthia Chuang, Los Altos, California, Horticultural Judge; Arrangement Judge; National Award Winning Arranger

Linda Clark, La Mesa, California, Horticultural Judge; Arrangement Judge; Master Rosarian; Show Chairman 2014 San Diego Spring National Convention

“Great news on your decision to run for ARS Vice President. I am always a supporter for Bob Martin.”
David & Tammy Clemons, Grant, Alabama,
 Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian; Hybridizer

“I am glad you are a candidate for ARS president. It is about time we had a qualified leader for a great organization.” Mif Clauson, Waterman, Illinois, District Silver Honor Medalist, District Outstanding Consulting Rosarian, Master Rosarian

Ralph Cooper, Van Buren, Arkansas, Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian; South Central District Silver Medalist

Kathleen Crawford, Long Beach, California

"You're going to win this time. It's YOUR turn! . Or shall we say it's OUR turn for YOU!”
Aprille Curtis, Arcadia, California, Master Rosarian

Dale Dardeau, Orange, Texas, Horticultural Judge; South Central District Silver Medalist

“I'm so glad to see that you're running for ARS VP. You will be a great one!” Kathy DeRoo, Woodburn, Oregon, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian

Dr. John Dickman, Delaware, Ohio, Horticultural Judge; Arrangement Judge; Master Rosarian; Klima Medalist; Author of the American Rose Q&A column for 20 years

“Your Editor can think of no better candidate.” Carolyn Elgar, Trabuco Canyon, California, Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian; Editor, Orange County Rose Society Rose Gazette

Julie Engert, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Consulting Rosarian

Ron Feurer, Palm Springs, California, Horticultural Judge; Arrangement Judge; Master Rosarian; PSW District Silver Medalist

“Anyone who has been fortunate enough to hear one of Bob Martin's presentations on roses will know what a treasure he would be as vice president of our organization. I am grateful that he is running and sincerely hope that he wins.” Karen Fitzpatrick, Thousand Oaks, California, Consulting Rosarian

“Thank you for offering your time and energy to be Vice President of the American Rose Society.  I will do whatever I can to help promote you as a knowledgeable leader for the future of the American Rose Society.” Billie Flynn, Alexandria, Louisiana

Janis A. Forster, Fountain Valley, California, Consulting Rosarian; Past Vice President and current board member, Orange County Rose Society

Jeff & Cindy Garrett, Soddy Daisy, Tennessee, Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarians; Tenarky District Silver Medalists

Amy Geier, Warren, Michigan, Consulting Rosarian

Clif Godfrey, Urbandale, Iowa, Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian

“Please let me know if there are ways I can help as you seek the ARS Vice Presidency!” Susan Brandt Graham, Albuquerque, New Mexico,
Horticultural Judge; Arrangement Judge, National Award Winning Photographer, Former Chair, Pacific Southwest District Photography

Ron Gregory, Temecula, California, National Award Winning

“I am definitely a supporter as I have been before. Wishing you all the best!” Stan V Griep, Loveland, Colorado, Past Vice President, Loveland Rose Society, Consulting Rosarian; National Award Winning Photographer

Karen Gubert, Saugus, California, Consulting Rosarian

“We have always supported you and will continue. So glad you are running.” Gerri & Paul Guerino, Elmhurst, Illinois, Master Rosarians

“Count on my support.” Ray Guillebeau, Jacksonville, Florida, Consulting Rosarian, National Award Winning Exhibitor

Jim Harrell, St Simons Island, Georgia, Horticultural Judge; Arrangement Judge; Master Rosarian, Editor ARS Arranger’s Quarterly

Carolyn Harris, Palm Springs, California

Terry L Harris, San Diego, California

“You have my support.” Alice M. Hart, Westlake Village, California, Horticultural Judge, Master Rosarian; Assistant Curator, Pageant of Roses Garden, Rose Hills Memorial Park; Beverly Hills Rose Society Founding Director, Membership Chair; World Federation of Rose Societies International Rose Judge

Carolyn Hayward, Corinth, Texas, Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian

Andrew Hearne, Bear, Delaware, National Award Winning Exhibitor, National Award Winning Photographer; Blogger, Inside the Rosarians Garden

"I can't imagine how there can be a more qualified candidate for ARS Vice President than Bob Martin. You name it, he's done it! I proudly support Bob.” Tommy Hebert, Beaumont, Texas, Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian, Hybridizer; South Central District Silver Medalist

Norma Hedrick-Whitehead, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Horticultural Judge, Arrangement Judge; Master Rosarian; South Central District Silver Medalist

Clara Hieshetter, La Mesa, California

“Happy to support you!” Holly Hodgins, San Antonio, Texas, Consulting Rosarian

“Just heard you are running for ARS VP. That's wonderful news. You can count on my vote (again.)” Beverly Rose Hopper, Pine Grove, California, , Horticultural Judge, Past NCNH District Chairman of Judges; Master Rosarian; NCNH District Silver Medalist

"Doris and I strongly support Bob Martin for ARS VP.  Bob has provided extraordinary service to ARS as editor of the Rose Exhibitor's Forum, writer of excellent articles on scores of topics for the American Rose, editor of Horizon Roses, creator of, past ARS District Director, horticulture and arrangement judge, ARS Consulting and Master Rosarian, and much more. We could not ask for a more experienced and knowledgeable candidate with a clear vision for the future of the ARS."
Bob & Doris House, Joplin, Missouri,
Horticultural Judge; Past Central District Chairman of Judges, Master Rosarians; ARS Blake Hedrick Award Recipients; National Award Winning Exhibitors

“Bob knows more about roses than any individual I have ever known. His passion to keep the rose as our national flower cannot be questioned. Bob deserves our support in every way.” Ken Huff, Escondido, California

Gail Jenkins, Glendale, California, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian

George Jennings. Medford, Oregon, Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian

“After years of growing chrysanthemums for show, two years ago I joined the Pacific Rose Society to learn how to show roses. I cut my rose-exhibiting teeth on Bob's book, Showing Good Roses. I've emailed him several times about showing my roses and always had an immediate response. I've had the privilege of hearing several of his informative rose presentations. He is passionate about roses and grows magnificent blooms. The ARS will benefit immensely by electing him as Vice-President in 2015.” Pat Stockett Johnston, Poplar Bluff, Missouri

Donaldina Joung, Tubac, Arizona, Horticultural Judge; Arrangement Judge; Consulting Rosarian

Gail Kaplenski, Bay City, Michigan, Horticultural Judge

Lorraine Kasse, Rancho Palos Verdes, California, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian

“Bob has been the singe most influential person that has helped me commit to ARS and the welfare of my local society. He has freely given of his knowledge and experience for many years and in turn I have been able to do the same for others.” Sandee Kolter, Redwood City, California, Past Vice President, Peninsula Rose Society

James Laperouse, Cypress, Texas, Consulting Rosarian

John Lester, San Diego, California, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian

“We fully support you and know you will do a great job.” Bob & Sandy Lundberg, Bluffton, South Carolina, Horticultural Judges; Master Rosarians; National Award Winning Exhibitors; ARS Blake Hedrick Award Recipients; Carolina District Silver Medalists

“I can think of no one better qualified to be President of ARS--past, present and future!” Carole Mainwaring, Plano, Texas, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian

Jo Martin, Tacoma, Washington, Horticultural Judge; Arrangement Judge; Master Rosarian; Pacific Northwest District Silver Medalist

“We attended an Orange County Rose Society event where Bob spoke and we learned so much! His presentation opened our eyes to the wonderful world of Roses and was delivered in an engaging and entertaining way. Thank you Bob!” Lori Rae Martin, Long Beach, California

“I believe this is your time to lead our great American Rose Society! I am looking forward to voting for you. My Bob Martin and I offer you any support you need. Thanks for all you do!” Marci Martin, Windsor, Connecticut, Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian; Yankee District Silver Medalist

“I think Mr. Martin would be a wonderful Vice President of the American Rose Society and I fully support him.” Jerry Mathers, Valencia, California, Actor (“Leave it to Beaver”)

“I fully support Mr. Martin as Vice President of the American Rose Society. The ARS will greatly benefit from his extensive rosarian expertise.” Teresa Mathers, Valencia, California, 2nd Vice President/Membership, Santa Clarita Rose Society

Bobbi Mattos, Fremont, California

Constance McBirney, Palos Verdes Estates, California

"Oh yes. Put me on board."
Geri McCarron, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California

Jack McClure, Peoria, Arizona, Consulting Rosarian

Michael McDermott, Waukegan, Illinois

Bobbie McGowan, Temple City, California

Carl Meier, Alamo, California

Dale Merkle, Atlanta, Georgia

Brad Meyer, Apple Valley, Minnesota

Larry Meyer, Hazelwood, Missouri, Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian; ARS Blake Hedrick Award Recipient; National Award-Winning Exhibitor

“Thanks for what all you have done for the rose world.” Jim Mills, Buckatunna, Mississippi, Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian; Gulf District Silver Medalist Rose Dealer, K&M Roses

Bud Morrison, Scottsdale, Arizona

Susan Morse, Vista, California, Secretary, California Coastal Rose Society

“I am a member of the Temecula Valley Rose Society and a life member of the American Rose Society. I fully support the candidacy of Bob Martin for ARS Vice President.” James Moss, Murrieta, California

“I will do my best for your election.” Henry Najat, Monroe, Wisconsin, Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian; North Central District Silver Medalist

“Bob does know Roses, always willing to help other Rosarians or novices. Great speaker, his programs are always educational with good humor that keeps your attention and possibly learn something new. He would make a great VP and ARS president. Plays well with others which is needed when dealing with all the different ideals & personalities that are in ARS.” Dennis & Renee Niklas, Piedmont, Oklahoma, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarians

Edward & Erin O’Donnell, Diamond Bar, California, Board Member, Pacific Rose Society

“I am an enthusiastic supported of your quest to become the next Vice President of the ARS.” Bill Ornelas, San Diego, California

Irene Pashalides, Simi Valley, California, 1st Vice President, San Fernando Valley Rose Society

“We are fully behind you in your quest to be ARS Vice President. You will be a fabulous VP!” Lou Pavlovich, Tucson, Arizona, Consulting Rosarian; PSW District Silver Medalist

Darryl Pearson, Long Beach, California, Horticultural Judge

“I shall be voting for you for sure! Thank you for sharing all your rose knowledge in your brilliant articles and presentations. I also love Dona’s beautiful photographs.” Rita Perwich, Coronado, California

“You know you have our support again.” Larry Peterson, Horseheads, New York, Master Rosarian; Secretary Rose Hybridizers’ Association

“I think Bob will be an excellent leader for the ARS. He has expertise in both the professional arena (he's a tax lawyer) and in the wide world of rose growing and exhibiting." Chris Poppe, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Consulting Rosarian

Jim Preston, Louisville, Kentucky, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian

Carol Rader, Garden Grove, California

John "J.R." Regnier, Chesterfield, Missouri, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian

“You have our votes in the bag already. Wishing you good luck.” Clark Ross & Tyler Roberts, Bellefontaine, Ohio

Dwyn Robbie, Del Mar, California, Horticulture Judge; Consulting Rosarian

Mike Rothones, Loveland, Colorado

“Whatever I can do, within my time I will help you. Thanks for running.” Rob Russell, Blowing Rock, North Carolina, Horticultural Judge; Arrangements Judge; Consulting Rosarian

Paddy Ruzella, Ventura, California

“I will always support you. You've always supported me.” Julie Saurbaugh, Conestoga, Pennsylvania

Jo Anna Savage, Twain Harte, California

John & Judy Schroeder. New Berlin, Wisconsin, Horticultural Judges; Consulting Rosarians

"We are with you all the way, Bob "
Jan Shannon, Corpus Christi, Texas, Horticulture Judge; Master Rosarian; South Central District Silver Medalist

“Bob would make an excellent Vice President then President. He is a great planner and organizer and has loads of ARS experience at the local, district and national level. Bob knows roses!” Bill & Candy Sheperd, Peoria Arizona, Consulting Rosarians

Logan Shillinglaw, Franklin, Tennessee, Master Rosarian; Industry Dealer,

Carol Shockley, Conway, Arkansas, Master Rosarian; Tenarky District Silver Medalist

Dolores Sibs, Rochester, New York, Horticulture Judge

Ann Silliman, San Diego, California

“We are all going to happily vote for you as the Vice President and then future president of ARS.” Sandy Simon, Mill Valley, California, Consulting Rosarian

“"I highly endorse Bob Martin for Vice President!” Steve Singer, Kenosha, Wisconsin, Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian; Hybridizer; Owner Wisconsin Roses

John Smith, Westminster, Maryland, Hybridizer, National Award Winning Exhibitor; Owner Silver Run Roses

Jim Sproul, Bakersfield, California, General Director, Rose Hybridizers’ Association, Hybridizer

Cynthia Sternau, New York, New York

Bob, I am pleased to learn you are running for Vice President. You are eminently qualified! From the early days of the Sunday Evening "rosarian chat room on AOL and Horizon Roses, I've been impressed with not only your expertise, but your willingness to share with others. You are not just one of the best at showing roses. You can really help ARS get back on track. Dave Stever, Liverpool New York, Horticultural Judge, Master Rosarian

Akiko Strathmann, Canyon Country, California, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarians’ Pacific Southwest District Chairman of Judges

"Bob Martin has the passion, drive, and common sense to lead the American Rose Society as its highest elected officer. He educates us, inspires us, and has fun doing it. I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly support his election." Robert Sutherland, Lexington, Kentucky, Horticulture Judge

“Bob Martin has always answered my questions even though I'm in Massachusetts and he's on the opposite coast.” Carol Tarasewicz, Everett, Massachusetts

“Good luck with your candidacy. I'm in your corner.” Wendy Tilley, Acworth, Georgia, Consulting Rosarian; Industry Dealer, The Rose Gardener

Gail Trimble. San Rafael, California, Horticultural Judge, Master Rosarian; NCNH District Webmaster; Webmaster and Director, Marin Rose Society; NCNH District Silver Medalist

Lauren Toth, Peoria, Arizona, Horticultural Judge; Arrangement Judge; Pacific Southwest District Chair of Arrangement Judges; Consulting Rosarian

“Bob Martin is the most dedicated and knowledgeable rose lover I know. He inspires a love of roses. He will be an exceptional advocate for roses and ARS. A vote for Bob Martin will be a good move for the future of the rose countrywide.” Carvill Veech, Coronado, California

Ken Wilkinson, Cornelia, Georgia

“Good luck on the election. I'm supporting you this year!” Fred Wright, Shelby, North Carolina, Master Rosarian, Hybridizer, National Award Winning Exhibitor.