In selecting roses, we are often informed by reports from others on their experiences in growing roses. In similar fashion, the public endorsements of my many rose friends and colleagues inform of their confidence and trust in my ability to lead the American Rose Society as well as the depth of my commitment to roses and the American Rose Society.

In the pages linked below, I provide a selection of leaders and American Rose Society members, organized by groups and presented alphabetically, who have authorized me to publicly publish their names and comments in support of my campaign. If you would also like to be included, I invite you to contact me by email.


Dr. Jim Hering, Marion, Ohio, ARS President Emeritus; ARS President (1997-2000); ARS Region 4 Director (2009-2015); ARS Gold Medalist

“It is a given that I whole-heartedly support your candidacy for we need someone of your caliber to lead both our Society and our noble hobby back to its former glory and standing in the world of roses.” Dr. Tommy Cairns, Studio City, California, ARS President (2000-2003); President, World Federation of Rose Societies (2003-2006); ARS Gold Medalist; ARS Klima Medalist; ARS Blake Hedrick Award Recipient

Don Ballin, Highland Park, Illinois, ARS President (1985-1988); ARS Gold Medalist; ARS Blake Hedrick Award Recipient

“I’d be happy to be a part of your support for the election. I have a great respect for you and your background in roses and in the ARS. It would be my pleasure to enter a vote for you when the time comes.” Clif Jeter, Silver Spring, Maryland, ARS Treasurer (2000-2006); Colonial District Silver Medalist


Elaine Adler, West Chester, Pennsylvania, Penn-Jersey District Director (2003-2009); ARS Region 1 Director (2012-2015)

“There is no one more qualified, in every aspect, to serve as ARS President. He has our utmost support!” Don Adlong, Conway, Arkansas, South Central District Director Elect (2015-present); President Central Arkansas Rose Society; South Central District Silver Medalist

“I absolutely will support you again. The ARS needs individuals who can think, in or out of the box!!!!” Charold Baer, Portland, Oregon, Pacific Northwest District Director (2003-2006); Pacific Northwest District Silver Medalist

Gustave Banks, Mt. Holly, New Jersey, ARS Region 0 Director (2003-06); Penn-Jersey District Director (1997-2003)

Dr. Gary Barlow, Fairborn, Ohio, ARS Region 4 Director (2000-2006); ARS Klima Medalist


Bob & Kitty Belendez, Santa Clarita, California, Past Chair ARS National Editorial Advisory Committee; President, Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society; Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian, National Award Winning Exhibitors

Linda & Ted Burg, Hanford, CA, Co-Chairs ARS National Horticultural Judges Committee; Horticultural Judges; Master Rosarians; NCNH District Silver Medalists

"So so happy to see that you are running for VP. I think the plan was for you to be elected when you were most needed by the ARS.”
Susan Clingenpeel, Bethlehem, Georgia, Past Chair ARS National Horticultural Judges Committee; Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian.

“Good luck with your quest for VP. You have my vote.” Louise Coleman, Eastchester, New York, Past Chair ARS National Consulting Rosarians Committee; Horticultural Judge; Master Rosarian; ARS Gold Medalist


Sergio Aguilar, Santa Ana, California, Past President, Orange County Rose Society; Consulting Rosarian, Hybridizer

Rich Baer, Portland, Oregon, Past President, Portland Rose Society; Horticultural Judge; Arrangement Judge, Master Rosarian; National Award Winning Photographer; Pacific Northwest District Silver Medalist; Botany Enthusiast

“I enthusiastically support Bob Martin for the office of ARS Vice President. I have known Bob for something like 25 years. During that time I have seen him take on many different projects and he did a great job in every case. Therefore, I have every reason to believe he will be a great Vice President and President.” Harold Baker, Lakeland, Florida, Past President, Imperial Rose Society, Horticultural Judge Emeritus; Consulting Rosarian Emeritus; ARS Blake Hedrick Award Recipient; National Award Winning Exhibitor


San Diego Rose Society

California Coastal Rose Society

Beverly Hills Rose Society

Inland Valley Rose Club

Orange County Rose Society

Pacific Rose Society

Rose Society of Saddleback Mountain

San Fernando Valley Rose Society

Santa Barbara Rose Society

Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society

South Coast Rose Society

Ventura County Rose Society

Marin Rose Society

Mother Lode Rose Society

Sierra Foothills Rose Society

Albuquerque Rose Society

Central Arkansas (AR) Rose Society

Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society (SC)

El Paso (TX) Rose Society

Heritage Roses (WA) Northwest

Huntington (WV) Rose Society

Kalamazoo (MI) Rose Society

Las Vegas Valley Rose Society

Mesa-East Valley (AZ) Rose Society

Omaha (NE) Rose Society

Rainy (WA) Rose Society

Phoenix Rose Society

Rose Society of Tucson


Linda Aguzin, New Iberia, Louisiana, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian

“It is so good to hear Bob is running.” Peter Alonso. San Carlos, California,
 Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian, Hybridizer

Yvonne “Bonnie” Andrew, Laguna Beach, California, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian

“Bob is exactly what our wonderful organization needs; a detail oriented professional who understands the past, but has a vision of a better tomorrow for the American Rose Society. Bob is an outstanding teacher as evidenced by his receipt of the Klima medal and his numerous Awards of Merit for excellent rose articles. He is an outstanding exhibitor who has won at the national level many times and most recently at the Spring National Rose Show in San Diego in 2014. He has been recognized as a recipient of the Hedrick award for lifetime achievement in rose exhibiting and will bring those same skills to benefit the ARS and its members. He is a tireless worker, has an analytical mind, the ability to bring diverse interests together to work for the benefit of the group, but more important is the fact that the ARS needs Bob Martin. If we as an organization are ever going to infuse new life into our current status, Bob Martin is the one candidate who has the ability, experience and desire necessary to make this happen. This is why I endorse Bob Martin for ARS VP.” Richard J. Anthony, Brighton, Tennessee, Horticultural Judge; Consulting Rosarian; National Award Winning Exhibitor, Rose Dealer, For Love of Roses, LLC


Distinguished Rosarians Who Have Supported Me in This and Past Campaigns and Whose Loss We Mourn:

(2015:) "Wishing you success in this endeavor. The ARS is fortunate to have the opportunity to have you as the VP/President.”
 Frank Strickland. San Bernardino, California, Horticulture Judge; Master Rosarian; Rose Hybridizer, President, Inland Valley Rose Club

(2009) “Put me on your list of supporters. I'll bet it was about ten years ago when I said on the old chat subrosa that you should run for VP. Some things I will never forget.”
 Frank Benardella, Englishtown, NJ, Rose hybridizer; Past President, American Rose Society (1977-1979)

(2009) “My observations of Mr. Robert Martin, Jr. when we were both members of the American Rose Society Board of Directors is that he is astute and knowledgeable about the business and formalities of the Rose Society. His outstanding knowledge of roses and all facets of rose culture are well known through his book and other numerous writings.  He has contributed much to ARS over the years as an author, pro bono attorney, board member, and in general, every day ambassador. In my opinion, along with hundreds of other ARS members, Bob Martin would be an outstanding president.”
 Dr. Kent Campbell, Bowling Green, KY, Tenarky District Director