The Exhibitor's Lament

The Exhibitor's Lament

By Robert B. Martin Jr.

It would have been Queen
If they hadn't seen
That hole in the petal
The foliage unclean

The center weren't sharp
You know how they carp
They wouldn't have seen
If it had been dark

The color weren't bright
But it woulda been right
It just looked like mud
In the flourescent light

The stem was a bit bowed
But they wouldn't have knowed
If placement were better
It wouldn't have showed

The foliage was spare
They wouldn't have cared
But the light from the window
Left them looking at air

The bloom wasn't round
No symmetry found
But other than that
The entry was sound

It woulda been fine
I knew in my mind
It would have been Queen
If the judges were blind

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