By Robert B Martin Jr.

(Dedicated to Eric Yount)

Here's a story on how strange is life with its changes and it happened not long ago.
On a Florida plain where the citrus arranges a playground south of the snow, lived a man with roses of remarkable sheen.
They would glint in the sunlight all sparkly and clean, such a source of great pride that it caused him to preen.
And he'd take ‘em out to the show.
He would show for his neighbors across the way.
I must say that they found his showin’ aglowin’, for they'd make ‘em  the Queen for the day.


Then one day...


Then a-boundin' up the slope, came a South Carolinian Jackalope,
This sage of the sage, this rare hare of hope,
caused to pause and check out the man.

Hey, kid, why the mope?

I used to be something, with plenty of snuff, and I'd go to the shows and show off my stuff. Then they treated my entry in a manner quite rough and screwed me and dumped me back here in a huff.
And if that's not enough, now my friends all laugh at me ‘cause they think I make entries of nothing but pink.

Pink? Pink? Well, what's wrong with pink? Seems you've got a pink kink in your think. 
Does it matter what color? Well, that gets a nope, be it pink, mauve or heliotrope.
Now sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down. When you find that you're down, well, just look around, you still got good roses, good mind and fine feet, get your head in the right place and, hey, you'll compete. Now as for the showin’, you can do more.
You can reach great heights in fact you can soar.
You just get a leg up and you slap it on down, and you'll find that you're up in what's called “rebound.” Bound, bound and rebound.
Rebound and you're up right next to the sky.
And I think you can do it if you give it a try.
First, get a leg up, slap it on down.


So, early this year, just short of May, he loaded his roses and hauled him away.
And they judged ‘em and scored ‘em and gave him the Bowl.
He’d learned to live with it, and it gave him a goal.
He’d just bound, bound, bound and rebound.
Now in this world of ups and downs... nice to know there are Jackalopes around.

[Based on the Oscar Nominated “Boundin'” Created by: Pixar 2003. Directed and written by Bud Luckey]