Support Our Rose Shows

Support our Rose Shows

By Robert B. Martin, Jr.

In 2009 I was awarded the ARS Klima Medal. In connection with the award, I was invited to submit an essay on an educational topic. My essay, titled “The Educational Value of a Rose Show” was published in the March/April 2010 issue of the American Rose. A copy of that article is available by clicking here.

In that article I expressed my belief that the primary educational value of a rose show lies in the education of its participants. And, as an educational organization, the rose show is the most single important educational activity that a rose society can undertake.

The educational value of participation in a rose show is substantial. The exhibitor learns how to grow better roses. And, in showing roses exhibitors learn and reaffirm good personal values including the principles that friends play fair and growing good roses requires discipline and hard work.

The judges learn about the proper attitude to perform judging duties. They learn to set aside personal prejudices toward a type of rose or specific varieties and to judge objectively.

The clerks learn about the judging process. They learn to be careful and to listen. And, they also learn about roses, their display and new varieties. The show chair and members of the show committee also learn about roses as well as organizational skills. And everyone learns the value of pulling together in a common enterprise, the purpose of which is to show the most beautiful flower in God’s creation at its most perfect phase of possible beauty.

And so it is. A rose society without a rose show is like a musical instrument society that forms no orchestra or band. It is like a society of painters that has no exhibition of their works. It is a society of sculpture artists that keep their works in their garages. It is an educational institution that holds no classes and gives no tests.

I was pleased to receive, along with my friend Andy Plasz, the 2009 Klima Medal. We were both recognized for a lifetime of devoting and focusing our educational talents and expertise to promoting “The Rose” through consistent and reliable contributions to educating the public about roses. Much of my contribution has been about showing roses and most of what I have been able to share has been learned through my participation in rose shows. The rose show has taught me much of what I know and has given me enormous pleasure. I want to encourage all those serious about roses and desirous of learning more to participate in a rose show. And as Vice President and President of the American Rose Society that will be a consistent and important message that I plan to undertake.